Life Lessons Learned at Camp!

Life Lessons Learned at Camp

Camp was one of the best school trips ever, I will definitely remember that one. I learned that you can’t sleep in AT CAMP! I also learned that camp food is waaaay better than home food! At night you have to be prepared to sleep with spiders, I learned that lesson and a few more life lessons as well!


Have you ever tried to get to sleep when there was annoying noises? The noises like chattering, and snoring can make you feel frustrated, especially when you can’t go to sleep. When we went to our cabin at night, I thought I’d be able to talk with my friends, and then once it’s time for bed, everyone would go to sleep. That’s not the way it happened, and I wasn’t very happy. It’s not always fun having a sleep over with your friends.  So it was hard to sleep in the same cabin with people who don’t stop talking! At night be prepared to sleep with the spiders, What ever you do don’t flash a flash light around the room because you will see a spider! I was very scared but I guess there is nothing to be afraid of, because there not going to hurt you. They are actually doing you a favor, they are killing all the mosquitoes for YA! Also I learned how it feels to have a cold and cough all night. I really annoyed my cabin mates!


You DEFINITLY have to wear shoes on the beach, because I cut my toe and the clam shells are SHARP! Also, I was digging in the sand looking for clams and as I was digging I got another cut on my ring finger. I’m telling you right now clam shells do hurt. I wasn’t having much luck on the beach this day because, I had another injury! As I said WEAR SHOES! The logs at the top of the beach just have little pieces of wood, just pointing up and before I know it I have a sliver at the bottom of my foot:( Those are some lessons you should use.


On all of the climbing activities at camp we had to wear a safety harness. We were safe, but it didn’t feel that way sometimes. I’d look at the rope that I had to climb and I’d feel nervous. I just kept telling myself that I could make it and the farther I got the better I felt. Fear can be all in you mind.


Hornby Camp was a great experience to share with my friends. I learned to always have shoes on, that sleeping with your friends isn’t always the greatest, and you have to tell yourself ” YOU CAN DO IT” so you won’t feel nervous and you can complete your goals.