Hello Everyone!

I haven’t posted in a while because I was away for 2 weeks in Florida, it was such an amazing trip but a super long flight, 5 hours! While I was there I went to Walt Disney World!

I went to Disney for 3 days in a row and one of them was my birthday and I wore a button that said it was my birthday so everyone was wishing me a happy birthday. I went to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs and Epcot. I went to a beach one day called Pineisland and I learned how to skin board and after I got the hang of it that’s all I ever did for the rest of the day at the beach. On my second to last day I went to the dog races and these dogs are so fast! Every day that I was there I went to the pool and I did this thing with my dad and I would go onto his shoulders and my sister would go on my shoulders we called it the #double scoop because we kind of looked like an ice cream cone😂

Well I hope you liked reading my blog post and I’ll see ya later! Press the ❤️ to comment.


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