Hello Everyone!

I haven’t posted in a while because I was away for 2 weeks in Florida, it was such an amazing trip but a super long flight, 5 hours! While I was there I went to Walt Disney World!

I went to Disney for 3 days in a row and one of them was my birthday and I wore a button that said it was my birthday so everyone was wishing me a happy birthday. I went to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs and Epcot. I went to a beach one day called Pineisland and I learned how to skin board and after I got the hang of it that’s all I ever did for the rest of the day at the beach. On my second to last day I went to the dog races and these dogs are so fast! Every day that I was there I went to the pool and I did this thing with my dad and I would go onto his shoulders and my sister would go on my shoulders we called it the #double scoop because we kind of looked like an ice cream cone😂

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Hello Friends!

2017.10.23 DC at Night, Washington, DC USA 9823Creative Commons License Ted Eytan via Compfight

Halloween is here and I am back with another post! Halloween is here and any guesses what I’m being, I’m being my favourite animal the…..CHEETAH! What a you guys being for Halloween??? If you scroll down to my second post then you will see my post on cheetahs. On Halloween night we always go to the same place and always get SO MUCH CANDY! If you go to the same school as me than you probably know about the haunted house that my class is holding, and I’m going to be one of the people running it😁, sadly my dad is missing another Halloween because last year he had to go over seas with the military, and he is missing this one because he has to go away again, but at least this year he is not going away for half a year cause that was a long time!! Anyway back to Halloween, last year I was a devil and before that I was a werewolf. Do you guys like candy, I mean WHO DOESN’T! We’ll anyhow…. thanks for reading, Press the ❤️ to comment.



My New Puppy!

Hey everyone. I’m back!

I had a great summer. How was your guys summer? Over the summer I got a puppy, in about August.

He is is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. His name is Dave, he’s a French bulldog. He is black and white he’s got white on the chest and it looks like he’s got white socks because his legs are white. And want to hear the funniest thing, he has got this little bit of white on his tail!  I have already taught him to sit, Sometimes when he looks at me his ears go straight up and it just makes him look so cute!  I think I have a new best bud.

Right now we’ve had him  for about two or three weeks and he is about eight or nine weeks old.  He likes to chew a lot but I guess that’s just what puppies do, right?  Anyhow, thanks for reading!  More posts are coming along the year, press the ❤️ to comment.



Life Lessons Learned at Camp!

Life Lessons Learned at Camp

Camp was one of the best school trips ever, I will definitely remember that one. I learned that you can’t sleep in AT CAMP! I also learned that camp food is waaaay better than home food! At night you have to be prepared to sleep with spiders, I learned that lesson and a few more life lessons as well!


Have you ever tried to get to sleep when there was annoying noises? The noises like chattering, and snoring can make you feel frustrated, especially when you can’t go to sleep. When we went to our cabin at night, I thought I’d be able to talk with my friends, and then once it’s time for bed, everyone would go to sleep. That’s not the way it happened, and I wasn’t very happy. It’s not always fun having a sleep over with your friends.  So it was hard to sleep in the same cabin with people who don’t stop talking! At night be prepared to sleep with the spiders, What ever you do don’t flash a flash light around the room because you will see a spider! I was very scared but I guess there is nothing to be afraid of, because there not going to hurt you. They are actually doing you a favor, they are killing all the mosquitoes for YA! Also I learned how it feels to have a cold and cough all night. I really annoyed my cabin mates!


You DEFINITLY have to wear shoes on the beach, because I cut my toe and the clam shells are SHARP! Also, I was digging in the sand looking for clams and as I was digging I got another cut on my ring finger. I’m telling you right now clam shells do hurt. I wasn’t having much luck on the beach this day because, I had another injury! As I said WEAR SHOES! The logs at the top of the beach just have little pieces of wood, just pointing up and before I know it I have a sliver at the bottom of my foot:( Those are some lessons you should use.


On all of the climbing activities at camp we had to wear a safety harness. We were safe, but it didn’t feel that way sometimes. I’d look at the rope that I had to climb and I’d feel nervous. I just kept telling myself that I could make it and the farther I got the better I felt. Fear can be all in you mind.


Hornby Camp was a great experience to share with my friends. I learned to always have shoes on, that sleeping with your friends isn’t always the greatest, and you have to tell yourself ” YOU CAN DO IT” so you won’t feel nervous and you can complete your goals.


My GeoBunny

Hello Again,

This is PJ, he hops around on Easter delivering chocolate in his tuxedo, he delivers alone or else he will get a little vicious and something bad will happen… He only likes white chocolate. CARROTS GROSS HIM OUT, SO DONT FEED HIM CARROTS!! I think my bunny has a great sense of style, and I just love my background, it’s took my forever!!! I loved learning about the algebra part, the algebra part was a big part of the bunny, I learned A LOT about algebra I can’t even count! I love PJs bow and tie, I think it’s sooooo cute😉  What’s your favourite part of PJ?

I learned how to use a protrackter on shapes and how to measure the vertices. Have you ever heard of numbers of Pi? I can do 12 digits, and I think that’s pretty good, but that’s another story… I thought I did pretty well on my bunny, I think I used all the shapes on the criteria, as you can see the hat on PJ is my compound shape. I don’t know if you can see but his tail is a trapezoid, and I thought calculating the trapezoid at first was a little complicated with all that b1 and b2, but now I get it! Thanks for reading, please ask question and tap the ❤️ to comment.



Cross Conutry!


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I have been doing cross country for about a year now, and I also did it last year it has been quite fun actually. I just love to run! I’m a pretty good long distance. I started cross conutry in October but then we close up for the winter and start again in the spring time😊. I do cross country every Wednesday after school, my first run is starting this week! I need to run great and strong for my SCHOOL! Last season I got placed 1st and in one of the runs, I was so happy and so was everyone else. I also think I do very well at the track jamborees, does your school go to the track jamborees? I think my favorite event of the track jamboree would have to be the 200m. For some reason every year I do that one I always place 1st? Let’s see what place I’ll get this year…

In total there a 6 runs in the year, 3 in October, 3 in April. I practice during lunch and the team and I just try to get as many laps around the school as we can. Sometimes my dad and I will go to the field at my school once he gets home from work, and we will just run and train together. I love just to run through the forest and seeing the trees and all the nature, it’s a lot of fun and very COOL! I would like to be in the Olympus some day, it is possible I just have to do a lot of training!! I have quite a lot of questions for you guys: Do you do cross country? How much do you love to run? Are you a long distance runner or short distance? What is your favorite track advent of the track jamboree?

Thanks for reading,



The ABCs of Me!


ScrabbleCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

A. Apples are my favorite fruit.

B. My name is Brooklyn.

C. Cheetahs are my favorite animals.

D. I love cute dogs.

E. My favorite breakfast is bacon, toast, and eggs (I love the way my mom cooks them.

F. I like to have fun outside in the summer time and I love putting the sprinkler under the trampoline.

G. I love to giggle  jokes, especially my dad’s jokes.

H. I love Hulla hooping in my backyard with my sister.

I. I like to go Ice skating with my family.

J. I love to eat peanut butter and jam sandwichs for lunch

K. On windy days I love to fly kites

L. I LOVE TO LICK LOLLIPOPS, they’re my favorite kinda candy:)

M. I love to play around with my mom and dad.

N. I like to go on nature walks in the forest with my family.

O. I dislike onions and I really hate how when you start to cut them it looks like YOU’RE CRYING!!

P. I love to play songs on my piano and I love to make little concerts with my sister and perform them to my parents.

Q. I am quite a great joke teller

R. My favorite song by Katy Perry is ROAR (Katy Perry is my favorite singer, by the way)

S. I love eating those jumbo freezes in the summer, they really cool you down 🙂

T. I can do a front flip on the trampoline. Its my favorite thing to do on the trampoline.

U. I like to play on my ukulele (My music teacher has pretty much taught me every thing I know)

W. I the winter I love to go tubing up Mount Washington.

X. I have gotten an X-ray when I was 5.

Y. I am very going at using my yo-yo.


Thanks for reading,



My Cupid Trap!

Hello Friends,

I am finally BACK! A few days ago we did a breakout called “ WHERE IN THE WORLD IS VALENTINO CUPID?” We worked in our groups to try and find hints to unlock the locks to break into the breakout box, and try to find cupid so that he can spread love all over the town, this was a very tough breakout so it was important to work together.
To catch cupid we, build traps out of lego to try and catch CUPID! Me and my partner Kaiya, made a cupid trap so when he flys by our trap will be up high so he can not see it. There is a little sensor underneath it so when he flys by the sensor will sense him and the doors underneath our trap will open and suck him in. So hopefully we catch cupid.
I thought doing the breakout was very fun and as well as building the the trap out of lego! It might not sound hard to make with the amount of time we had it was pretty hard to make in 8 minutes. We over all I had a really fun time doing the breakout and making the Cupid trap it was just so much fun!

Edited by kaiya




Hi guys,

🎶 “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”🎶. Once the Christmas movies come out, its just so EXCITING! I love just sitting down with my family and watching the best Christmas movies.


My absolute favorite is the movie Elf. It’s so funny and hilarious. My favorite part is when he gets up in front of everyone and sings, “🎶IM SINGING IM IN A STORE AND IM SINGING, IM IN A STORE AND IM SINGING!🎶”. The next movie that I LOVE is called the Santa Claus movie from 1985. My mom and I like watching that together.


And Home alone, again SO FUNNY😂. Part 2 is pretty good too. Home alone and Elf are, I think my favorite Christmas movies of THEM ALL! Oh, and Polar Express is a movie that I like to watch that movie together. What is your favorite Christmas movies? Do you like any of the ones I mentioned. Well thats all for now, and by the way I took all the photos. Well, bye,



Christmas Drawings

Hello People,

Since Christmas is coming soon,  I drew some Christmas drawings. Most of the drawings I came up with at school. So the first one I want to show you is, the snowman drawing. Please tell me out of the 4 snowman, witch is your favourite…


I started out with the body I did all the accessories like the hats, mittens, scarfs and the buttons. After all the accessories I did the face. Then I did all the outlines and the color. At last but not least I did the snow and the blue background. The next picture is about, what is Christmas to you. Christmas to me is spending time with my family and the yummy feast on Christmas night. What is Christmas to you?


In the picture above it has a picture of me and my family sitting at the table ready to eat our Christmas dinner. Its kinda hard to see, so if your on a ipad you might want to zoom in a bit.  My last picture is going to be down below and it’s going to be Santa riding his sleigh through the night. Normally Santa 8 reindeer but I couldn’t fit them all in so I put 5.


Well that’s all for now, and just so you know I drew and coloured in these pictures. Maybe you could try these ideas out sometime?

Out of the 3  which was your favorite?